Once I started as a blogger with my CRANKHANDLEBLOG, it became my daily occupation. Writing and reading about coachbuilders and much more. Waking up early in the morning to go to work at a restoration company, all to gain knowledge. As soon as I got my own little vintage rascal, I enjoyed so many great events and rallies and got to know so many fine petrol heads. 

I found out that this world, the world of vintage and classic cars, is crazier than you would expect. I just love it!

Being now involved in different scenes within the automotive world, my love for the vintage and classic monsters is still very strong. I like diversity though and to enlarge my knowledge base.

Some nice projects came my way, and one of the coolest things I am going to do this year is judging at the exclusive concours Masterpieces in Schloss Dyck next June. And even better, I am not the only youth judge. Maciej will join in the youth judges panel as well. This all thanks to my dear friends Peter Larsen and Ben Erickson. While discussing the concours with Marcus Herfort, head of the concours, they both mentioned me in their conversation. They like my activities and thought it would be a great idea to get me involved. I am very excited to do so.

At Retromobile we talked last February with Marcus about the concours and what the exact plan is. The vision he has about the concours is very open-minded, fresh and young. It is so good that he puts a lot of effort into the youth, such as participating cars from young collectors and young judges for example. The youth judges get the opportunity to learn about judging at a concours and how to inspect a car, and all that is part of the judging process like period documentation, etc. It is a great place to be a student judge at a concours where all the participating cars are so carefully selected. 

The other judges are big names in the world of concours judging, and they can teach us a lot. We are very excited to make our first steps as judges at such a prestigious concours as Masterpieces.

This summer I will put out an elaborate report about the concours and perhaps some filming as well. Later this year we will also be involved in the event Classic Days in Schloss Dyck, as a media-partner. Some exciting news for 2018 and much more to come!

Happy motoring!