Dear petrol head friends,

For quite some time you haven't seen any new posts. This radio silence is due to the fact that I am busy trying to find out how I exactly want to proceed and improve my online activities. I decided to write you a letter to let you know what my plans are and a sign of life to let you know that I am still active in the (vintage) car scene. I have many great projects to dive into. 

Very helpfull is the feedback of followers, friends and family. I shall be glad to receive your feedback as well, so feel free to let me know what you think or would like to see. 

Let's start with Amillion. 2017 was a great year full of amazing rallies as you noticed. After so many kilometers there was much to repair again. A whole list built up such as; bad lights, broken horn bracket (the roads were sometimes very hard on the CGS), wiring, brakes, clutch (hand made parts will be made), radiator (overheating), etc. The typical issues you get with driving an Amilcar. And I did behave very well, so I did not break all of this myself. Soon I will post a report written by the hard working Jos van Genugten. He is busy to start his own restoration company in the south of the Netherlands. He is one of the few youngsters who knows how to fix vintage cars, and even Victorian-Edwardian cars since he is a true enthusiast of those cars. His knowledge is great, but most of all it is very impressive how ingenious he is when it comes to fix complicated issues.

I hope to have Amillion in the garage again soon, because then I can hit the road again, seeking new adventures! 

During winter time I went to Retromobile and Interclassics Maastricht, both were very nice. I must say that I was a bit dissapointed about both exhibitions, because there were fewer fine vintage cars than in the years before. But I realize that this is an ongoing trend. The highlight of Retromobile was the conversation with the chief of Masterpieces, an exclusive concours at Schloss Dyck in Germany. I had got in touch with the head of the organization, Marcus Herfort, thanks to my dear friends Peter Larsen and Ben Erickson. I was invited to become member of the youth jury during the concours. More about this you can read in my next post about Masterpieces. This is one of the amazing projects for this year. Another one is about Classic Days, more about this also in the next post.

It seems that I attract new adventures, because there is much more. I think I will need to make several posts for this, otherwise this will become a very long letter! So for now I will mention them shortly.

This year I became more active on Instagram. Most of my activities will be posted on this social media. Under the name @atalantecars I will start posting all of my adventures with vintage cars. My goal is to get to drive as many amazing vintage and classic cars as possible, make video's of them and post it on YouTube as a driving experience. I will capture the cars and my adventures on Instagram. Some of my adventures will have to do something with auctions, because I am busy with a great project concerning auctions... Make sure to follow me on Instagram, because I will be less active on FaceBook from now on.

On Instagram I am also active as @ravvarcars. This page is about modern collectibles, supercars, sportscars, prototypes, and hypercars, everything exotic basically. I am interested in cars from all eras. One day those modern cars will be great collectibles, which some of them already are. I want to have knowledge about a wide range of cars. And I love fast cars! Which brings me to racing. This year I aim to get my racing license. Maciej, known as Macksee is a racing- and drift instructor, so he will teach me more than he already did. Something that has my great interest. One of my ultimate dreams/goals is to start racing and eventually I would love to race in a class with Formula cars, for example Formula Ford. 

To come back to @ravvarcars. My goals is to build this page into something that combines exotic supercars with fashion, modeling and luxury lifestyle.

About MACKALANTE, we will not be as active together right now as planned before. We will continue to do a number of things together, but we also want to build our own domains and turn those into a success. Maciej is busy building PureDrive, which is a great project. I will be busy branding myself as Atalante and making RAVVAR succesful and widely known. Besides all this we will go to events as MACKALANTE to have fun and perhaps capture this in a nice video.

I think I mentioned most of the things I wanted to say for now. Please let me know in the comments what you think.