One of the new projects is ATALANTE'S QUEST, a vintage road movie in 13 episodes. I have some specific goals and in the TV show I get the chance to fullfill them, such as chasing the Atalante I am named after and also going to intruguing places. I will drive with Amillion thru Europe in this season, to discover more about the history of brands, meeting extravagant owners of striking automobiles, collectors, celebs, designer, coachbuilders, and who knows what else I might find... The ultimate dream would be a Bugatti in a barn. 

"With her charismatic and passionate approach she unlocks doors to rare automotive treasures and their history, all with the purpose of tracing her Bugatti T57 Atalante namesake. She knows what she wants and knows where to find it. Hardly being aware of the protecting guidance of her silent but loyal mechanician and chaperon Parker..."

"Rosemarijn Atalante Veenenbos is our deus ex machina: it all came together in a unique and appealing format: ATALANTE’S QUEST."

"With her natural talents and exceptional combination of automotive genes, knowledge, passion and style Rosemarijn Atalante Veenenbos is a rising star in vintage automotive world. Visiting many European events and concours in her own Amilcar CGS of 1925 her presence didn't go unnoticed. She became 'pre-war car ambassador' for the Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens. After being selected as one of the first 'Tribe Leaders' by Clarkson, Hammond and May for the DriveTribe project (associated with their new Grand Tour television series on Amazon) the MACKALANTE CRANKHANDLERS Tribe reached the top list of popular Tribes with almost 80k followers and reaching soon 400k views."

What once started with a blog becomes now more and more exciting with several new projects. Macksee will also join on tour and together we will film behind the scenes and some hilarious bloopers. The CRANKHANLDERS love to joke around to that is what we will do behind the scenes. This will be a great addition to the TV show. You can keep watching thru out the whole week, following us on tour. 

After writing so many articles I am happy to get involved into the filming more and more. ATALANTE’S QUEST the TV project and MACKALANTE is the YouTube project including vlogging, which is both completely different, but the diversity is exactly what I was looking for.