Many of you know that I am kind of married with my CHAPAL helmet... I love good quality stuff, and I rather spend a lot of money using this helmet forever than a cheap one that needs to be replaced over and over again. And after some years the helmet has real good patina, something that gives your helmet a story consisting of great memories.

When I bought Amillion I needed a good helmet with goggles, because there is no windscreen on the CGS as you might have noticed. I know that this helmet is not from the same era as Amillion, but I prefer this over a leather cap. It would also protect me if all of a sudden there is a meteor falling from of the sky!

CHAPAL has an atelier in Paris, but you can also find them at exhibitions such as Techno Classica Essen or Retromobile. There is a lot of choise in color, material and stiching. Sir Stirling Moss is one of their customers too, and he does not only buy a nice helmet in Paris... CHAPAL has a whole range of great products such as drivers shoes, racing suits, fashion, etc. 

Macksee is new to the vintage cars, so to make the process go a bit quicker he needed of course a CHAPAL as well. Macksee has now officially vintage swag! It just feels good to wear that classy handmade piece of craftsmanship. So good that we will just go to parties while wearing the CHAPALs, actually I did that already... We went to London to meet Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond during a DriveTribe meeting and later on party. This whole evening I was wearing my CHAPAL, because that is how everyone recognizes a CRANKY. It was a great succes, so soon we will go to dinner wearing the CHAPALs and perhaps even some motor oil on our faces, just because we love to be crazy!