CRANKHANDLEBLOG was my entry ticket for the vintage and classic car world. I started my blog with the aim to start vlogging later on and to gain some knowledge about cars. I wrote about coachbuilders, Maharaja cars, rallies, etc. Many great things followed, and I started writing for magazines, and still I have my column in Octane Magazine NL. CRANKHANDLEBLOG will stay online, but will be replaced by the CRANKHANDLERS. 

The collaboration with Macksee brought me to the next step. Next to blogging now also vlogging and making awesome vids of special cars, workshops, factories, etc. Macksee and Atalante seems to be a great team, so we decided to continue as MACKALANTE. A race driver and vintage car girl is of course an interesting combo. Bundling strenghts and knowledge is a formula for succes, especially since we have a mission... We are busy involving more youngsters into this passion/hobby, helping the FIVA. We aim to make content that is interesting for connoiseurs, but also to interest the younger generation for vintage cars especially. This is challenging, because the different eras and generations are completely different and their interest is not similar. We love challenges, so bring it on!

Your opinion matters to us, so if there is a special subject you would like us to treat, let us know! We shall be happy to do so! Let's keep this amazing passion alive, spread the vintage swag virus and crank that enigine!