What was love at first sight with the rival came much later with the Bentley. Once you are pampered with a sportscar that behaves according to the etiquette, that 4.5-litre monster is a bit scary.

The sound directly gives a hint that this car has other plans than a well-behaved tour. Unlike the Invicta the WO Bentleys, except for the Speed-6, have the throttle in the middle. This feels familiar as Amillion has that too. Far from the ground I am sitting like a queen comfortably in my seat. With some instructions am I getting to know this beast, because Bentley has its own manual. This is really guys car, because for steering you need big biceps. Luckily I am boxing and my strength is increasing, so no one will scare me.

Just before we reached the traffic lights I got a warning... " The breaks are crap on this car..." This was no issue for me, because I am used to a car that does not brake. When I was driving a raally in the Lago Maggiore area the brakes of Amillion barely reacted when I tried to brake. I can ensure you that this is an adventures experience and it needs a supersonic responsiveness, which I have. The shifting in the Bentley was completely different from the Invicta. You need to find the right swung in your arm, and if that does not work you just need to double clutch properly. A couple of times I had that swung, but few times I didn't and then you just need to stop and start over again from the beginning. 

As soon as you release the clutch, the car starts rolling with such a superpower, it is redicilous. As ferocious as this car is it is pulling away being unstopable and then you start shifting again, both ways back and forward with double clutching unlike the Invicta. You should keep an eye on the speed cams, because to break the law in this car is pretty easy! As soon as you became friends with this lorry you will stick to this special car. It is just that dream driving experience, I am so amazed by it. And the place where you find its beating heart, the engine, is as many of you probably know a clear and need piece of super engineering. It is something you can't compare with the straight-6 from the Invicta. I would rather compare this engine to a Hispano-Suiza engine, it does not look that British with a lot of details. This might be a 4 cylinder, which Amillion is too, but that does not make this a less great car than the Invicta revial!

I did not expect it from myself at all, but if I need to make a choice then I go for the 4,5 L! Adventure and brutality, I am hooked, I love the FAST lorry. It could be Amillion but a couple of sizes bigger and also quite a bit more powerful, though in terms of cures Sir Amillioncar is way more catangry and naughty.