Ettore Bugatti once said that the Cricklewood Bentleys are 'fast lorries', and he was pretty much right. The Invicta is a lovely sportscar that really attracts attention. Which of these cars wins the battle?

Comparing an Invicta S-Type low chassis with a WO Bentley 4,5 L is quite interesting! As an Amilcarista I am used to a smaller size, but I had no issues with the bigger Invicta S Type. This is a car that you feel comfortable in right away. The Bentley is a whole other story, because this beast is not easily tameable by a stranger.

First of all I toook a seat in the Invicta, and directly it was a special feeling, because you sit quite close to the ground in a low chassis bolide. Sitting almost on the 'ground' I was cruisin like in a space shuttle, because that's what this car is made for!  A real sportscar, but at the same time also very polite. As soon as you drive away you know you are steering a solid car, because everything goes so smoothly and easily. The steering is surprisingly light for this long car, it is so maneuverable and when you hit the throttle it is gone before you can realise. The sound is chill, not too brutal, just very subtle and classy. When you shift the gears you feel the incredible power, it is pure enjoyment. The double clutching goes also very smooth and easy, it feels so peaceful. Like in Amillion, I only had to double clutch with down shifting. When the bonnet was open I needed some time to just stare at it, what a masterpiece. The Invicta is a car you become friends with from the first moment. It did not take long for me to fall in love with this car and the experience of driving it.