We sat in the ambulance with sirens; I just couldn’t believe this was really happening. I was calm, but also in shock and had to cry. Let this nightmare stop! Please! 

As soon as we arrived in the hospital my dad got surgery. I must say the health service in the UK is superb and very quick. Those 2 hours were the longest I can remember. I was calling and texting everyone, my friends and Maciej. I did not call my mother, because I did not want to bring her into a shock. She was too far away anyhow, and it would hurt her so much while not being able to do anything. I had faith that the surgery would save my dad. After surgery he had to stay in the hospital for a few days. He wanted me to spend my time usefully, so I went to the London Brighton run, trying to get thru this awful weekend. The London Brighton run was a fun but cold experience. I followed the participating cars and some participating friends with my BMW.

I added this part of the story because it had quite an impact during this period. Texting and joking around with Maciej also made me forget a bit what was going on. I was able to laugh a bit, but in the evening I didn’t know what to do with my emotions. I was so happy that day when we were able to return home again. I hate hospitals after my own history being hospitalised for a month in a condition that it is a miracle that I did not pass away. I decided to never go into a hospital ever again, but in this case I made an exception for my dad. 

On Monday we collected the engine block at Jim Stokes and took the cross-Channel ferry home. Thank God my dad is doing well again. Upcoming there will be a new post as an honour to my dad. He is one of the most important persons in my life. When such a thing happens to you, you realise how precious each moment is with the people you love. 

Some weeks later, I went to Paris, to the 50th anniversary of the FIVA and their symposium, where I was part of the youth panel. Since it was during my B-Day, I had a nice night in Paris after the symposium with new friends. After that I had to return to the Netherlands to pick up Amillion, which was at the garage of Jos van Genugten who is our mechanic. He made sure Amillion was ready to rock and had put the repaired engine block back in the chassis. I didn’t only go back to pick up Amillion, but also someone I asked to join me. Usually my dad is sitting next to me as navigator, but he couldn’t make it, he had to recover. I asked the handsome guy with the cap, Maciej, who I met at the supercar rally to come with me. Before we left for Paris we already made plans what to do and what to film in Paris. It was at my parent’s house, so that I was able to show Maciej our Delahayes. He fell in love with those cars, so my dad directly loved him too. After he played some piano my mother was also very impressed by him. All of a sudden it was late at night, we chatted for hours and hours. It was a promising start for the rally, Tour de Paris. This rally was organised to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the FIVA.  

Once we drove to Paris with Amillion behind us it was so much fun. I remember we said to each other that we both couldn’t remember when the last time was that we had to laugh so loud and so much! Going from laughter attacks to serious conversations, the mood was set. We arrived late in Paris and the next morning was an early one; we both dislike waking up early. As it was raining we rushed towards the start at the Le Bagatelle Polo Club de Paris. We arrived late and almost everyone had left already. Jos Theuns, who is related to the youth within FIVA, helped us to unload Amillion, and Maciej was busy with camera gear and filming. Soon we left, and we drove thru all of central Paris. We passed all the hotspots, and as Maciej is a very good navigator we did not get lost in this busy city. At one of the pitstops we were finally able to see the other participants. Click here to see the video that we made so that you can get a good impression of all this.

One of the best parts of the rally was that moment when I stopped at the Arc de Triomphe. I said to Maciej; “Now it is your turn, let’s switch”. This was a great test to see how good of a driver he really is when the usual pedal setup is changed all of a sudden. So I said; “Oh, and by the way the throttle is in the middle, but I am sure you’ll manage”. He was very surprised, but took the challenge, and without any hesitation he drove around the busiest roundabout in Paris. He did it very well! Very important info of course, to know that he can drive a vintage car very well.

I really enjoyed acting as a little film crew with the GoPro on the bonnet. This is such a fun way of promoting those vintage cyclecars in a youthful way. We even impressed some young guys with supercars, because this little red cyclecar is LOUD. We ended the day at the headquarters of PSA Peugeot on the Avenue Charles de Gaulle. We all parked our cars in the underground garage, so you can imagine how cool it looked there. After we had a late lunch we were ready to return. It was a great adventure, and we made a lot of new petrol friends. Before we left we had a short ride in a very old Dion Bouton quadricycle. It looked more like a bike with four wheels than a car, and it also drove the full rally! It was owned by our friends from India, who had also brought their 8-cylinder Delage and Itala race beast. The fun thing about this Dion was that you sit in the very front of the car. That was very funny, because it felt like sitting in a wheel chair. Later on while driving back to the trailer thru Paris we were put to the test. It was pouring rain, and Amillion almost stopped running. Don’t ask me how we reached the trailer, it was kind of a miracle. 

Time to start the edit of our vlog. We had all the footage of the rally, but we had also made crazy plans to film something the next day with lap times and a red carpet in Paris. Sadly Amillion did not come alive again. The magneto had given up, once again. We called Jos and asked what we could do. We tried the spark plugs and everything he told us to do, but to no avail. That was our story in Paris. Click here for the Paris vlog part 1. We still need to finish part 2… The red carpet will be used in another video, so stay tuned for that. We are full of crazy ideas with our Amilcar.

In Paris we became a great team, we were brought together by a big passion we share, CARS. Right now it is one year ago since we met, and I am so happy to have found my soulmate with whom I can share everything. By coincidence he is the same zodiac sign as my dad, a Sagittarius. Does this mean something? Anyway, Maciej really adds a lot to my life. Together we do things, or are busy with things, that I would never do alone. We have so much fun and enjoy so many great moments. We have a different background within the automotive scene and that is what makes it even more interesting. We have the same goals and dreams that we plan to realise. Maciej loves to do my vintage car stuff, and drive the Amilcar or Delahayes. Hopefully we can both also the Hispano of my dad very soon! This car has quite a long restoration process, but we are getting there. And if you fancy someone, just ask him or her to join with a rally, best method to get to know each other and see if you can have fun. 

I love to join Maciej to the track or with a supercar rally. I will definitely get my racing licence, and he will teach me how to drift as well. For now I am just practising with the iRacing simulator, and sometimes I get the chance to race at the track with Maciej’s instruction. I raced at the circuit of Zandvoort in a BMW E36 M3 track car of a friend who is the owner of DrivingFun and his epic BMW E46 M3, and at the circuit of Assen with an Avenger race car. Oh yeah, quite some time ago I drove at the circuit of Zolder with my BMW 520d, the track where Maciej won his first race. He should tell his story about becoming a racing driver soon!

We edit the videos together, and I enjoy blogging again. With Maciej’s first dream car, his BMW E46 M3, he is also going to be active as PureDriveTV, Maciej’s new YouTube channel. The channel is not online yet, but I will make an announcement here as soon as you can enjoy the PureDrive videos. It will be all about pure and iconic cars and the driving experience. 

The event with cars from all eras at the track is not forgotten. Maciej and I will still make this happen, but first we have another project to finish.

It was a long story, but I think a good one. I felt like I owe you this story about why all of a sudden CHB became non-active, and who that guy is who is now always next to me. The story continues, and great things are going to happen in the near future. I am very happy to have found someone like the guy with the cap, my soulmate, my love, he makes me very happy and the other way around. <3