Amilion really is a great Amilcar, but it has its issues. Good looks do not always mean good mechanical health, but this helps me to learn more about mechanics.

The more I drive Amillion, the more I get to know the car. The more people have a look at my CGS and work on the car, the more I see that has been done wrong. We can now conclude that Amillion was actually in very poor shape when I purchased it. On the positive side is that this resulted for me in a great adventure. For a while we fixed problem by problem and each time a new one occurred, but it turned out that much more was needed than that. 

After the mountain rally last August in the Grisons in southern Switzerland, I brought Amillion to a great friend who knows Amilcars inside out and knows how to bring them in perfect shape. We left the CGS in Switzerland, and one month later we would return to pick it up and drive the Criterium rally around Lake Garda. Great plan, but as it happened Amillion required very serious surgery. 

As my Amilcarist friend started working on Amillion he found that the work done by the Frenchman who restored it a number of years ago was so bad that it was actually dangerous to drive the car. He said we were very lucky not having had any bad accidents. The main reason was the undersized braces fixing the rear spring packages to the chassis frame. These braces should be 12 mm diameter and the ones fitted were only 8 mm. Had one snapped during driving could have resulted in a serious accident because the car might overturn. 

The next thing on the to-do list were the brakes, which had always given trouble. As it turned out I was driving with at best only 30% of the total brake capacity, and possibly already for a long time! At the front were the original smaller CGS brakes, but at the rear the larger CGSs brakes. It had better been just the other way around. On top of that the front brakes didn’t really do anything (they kept being cold) whereas the rear brakes only really worked partially. Despite all this I somehow managed to drive several mountain rallies and always stop the car in time – it required a lot of anticipation, which one gets used to. This has now all been expertly repaired with the larger CGSs brakes all around, and I am ever so grateful to my dearest Swiss friend! 

Meanwhile I have successfully driven the four day Criterium rally in the Lago di Garda area, with lots of mountain roads and 200+ km hard driving almost each day. The brakes were superb!!! 

Amillion is now back in Holland and will spend some more time with our friend Jos to get more surgery done. 

More about that soon!