Last year the Capital Cars & Classics show and the coinciding Amsterdam rally by GT Rally were a great succes. The 2018 edition, already the third edition of this event, promises to be again spectacular, turning the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam North into a great garage full of collector cars and icons.

The thing about this exhibition is its ambience. The Kromhouthal gives an industrial ambience with its history of being an assembly plant for ship engines. What we really love about this event is that there is such a great variety of cars. Vintage, classic, young timers as well as modern cars. All those categories include great pieces of the automotive world and they can all be admired here, and that’s what we will certainly do. Something else that is noticeable about this event is that, compared with many other exhibitions, the food is really superb. No hot dogs and fries, but sushi and finger food. Besides cars and sushi you can also dive into the world of collector’s watches, fashion and other luxury lifestyle goods such as jewellery.

The day before the exhibition there will be a great gathering of cars from all eras ruling the city centre of Amsterdam. Last year Maciej and I did this in a McLaren 570GT, because Amillion was ‘under construction’. The alternative was a splendid solution for us, because it gave us inspiration for an epic plan. More about this asap. Next year we plan to drive the rally with Amillion, so we can’t wait to turn Amsterdam upside down again with our red bolide.

We already did a photoshoot with Amillion in the Kromhouthal for promotional purposes for CC&C. The result you find below in a slide show. Soon we will also shoot a teaser video for the event, so stay tuned for that.

10th and 11th of March the doors will be open of the Kromhouthal to give you a great and luxurious petrol experience. What we have in store for the event? You can find out during the event. See you there!