It all started when we met at a supercar meeting/tour. Maciej was very interested to get involved with vintage and classic cars since he loves all things mechanical to do with cars. Rose was interested to get more involved with racing and modern supercars. The first adventure we had was a rally with our Amilcar CGS (1925) in Paris. Maciej drove in Paris for the first time a real vintage car, with throttle in the middle... He fell in love with the little 'poor mans Bugatti' as well as with me. The passion for cars brought us together.

Rose is known as Atalante and Maciej as Macksee and together we are known as Mackalante. 

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Maciej Krolikowski

As long as I can remember my dream was to become a Formula 1 driver. As racing is an expensive sport there was no possibility to get involved in the sport. When I was 17 years old I decided to quit school and follow my dream. Through working daily at a warehouse at Schiphol Airport I saved up enough money to buy my first go-kart.

After 3 seasons of go-kart racing it was time for the next step, motorsport racing cars. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears I was given the opportunity to test a Formula Ford at the circuit of Zolder, Belgium. Within 2 hours I was surprisingly faster than the champion of that year, 2008. My team boss insisted that I would drive my first race within the same month. I did everything I could to raise the money for this race. My hard work paid off, and I qualified for pole position and won my first race. A dream debut. Formula 1, here I come!

2008 was also the year that the financial crisis hit us, so finding sponsors to continue became almost impossible. I did everything I could, visited many companies, talked to a lot of marketing managers, but to no avail.

In 2009 a Formula Ford team was willing to sponsor me by letting me drive some races of which I won a few. However, due to financial restrictions they were unable to continue sponsoring me.

After my initial success in 2008 I commenced giving racing lessons on different racetracks as a racing instructor. Not long after that period the Formula Ford class ceased in the Netherlands. Due to the racing and drifting lessons during the last 9 years I have gained a network that has made it possible for me to sometimes drive a race in different racing categories.

Something else I really enjoy doing is filming and editing video's. I started on YouTube as Macksee, filming at the track and supercar events. 

PureDriveTV is another channel I developed. The concept is driving supercars and other special cars with a point of view, so that you get the real experience of driving the car. The fast cars are driven as a race driver is supposed to do that.


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Rose Atalante Veenenbos

Long before I was on this planet my parents found a Bugatti Atalante in a barn in France standing on blocks. This is where my story starts, because I am named after that Atalante.

For most of my life I was busy with just 1 HP and next to that I joined my dad always to nice rallies, concourses and exhibitions of mostly French vintage cars. Those cars have a special place in my heart since I grew up with them. But, once upon a time my dad and I went to Arts & Elegance in Chantilly. A superb and young concours near Paris. By road we drove to Chantilly with our Delahaye 135M Henri Chapron cabrio. This event changed my life... It felt like I was living MY dream, this is something I wanted to experience every day! On our way back home I had a good father-daughter conversation about the future. I decided to sell my horses, except my first Arabian horse and completely switch over to cars, vintage cars.

I started CRANKHANDLEBLOG and many great things followed. I wrote for automotive magazines and still have my column in Octane Magazine NL and my own bolide... I go to as many as possible cool events, and I do that with my Amilcar CGS from 1925, named Amillion. When I started my search for my own bolide I was not quite sure what to look for, all I knew is that I wanted a Bugatti. During a Bugattimeeting the well known Bugatti expert told me to look for a poor man's Bugatti.

After a long search while learning my lessons I found the ONE. A dear Bugattist friend sent told me about the car in Austria, he also came up with the name Amillioncar. Directly I raced to Austria and the rest is history...